Steve Jobs' daughter mocks new iPhone for being the same as last year

The daughter of Apple’s legendary co-founder has joined the ranks of people mocking the company over its new iPhone. 

Critics often point to the similarities between one generation and the next and Eve Jobs, Steve’s youngest daughter, is among them. 

She shared a meme ridiculing the new iPhone 14 as almost identical to last year’s iPhone 13. 

Eve Jobs seemingly not a fan of the new iPhone (Credit: @wallstbets/Instagram/@evejobs) 

The new iPhone is arriving with the exact same processor as the previous version. 

Eve Jobs reacting to the similarities between the phones, plenty of other Twitter users were happy to join the pile-on. 

So, what exactly is different about the iPhone 14, which is now available for pre-order in the UK. 

However, it’s unlikely these new additions are going to convince Eve Jobs to buy one.