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5 Top NFT’s Creators in Indian Metaverse Market

The word NFT’S was also known as Non-fungible tokens.

NFT’s are unique tokens which digitally include music, art, paintings, photographs, videos etc.

If seen, in a way nft is a different currency.

A new currency can also be said, a whole, a digital art and also an unique ownership all in one.

Digital artists, too, looked forward to taking this into new markets. This piece of art is really unique.

Dealing with what happened, cryptocurrency, or the whole big picture of cryptoart is not an easy task, it’s not all about it.

Here today I want to tell you about those five Indians, who are better artists of NFT’s.

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Top NFT Creator’s in India

1. Karan kalra

Karan Kalra’s beautiful art is on Wazirx, which is awesome. His exciting art is available on WazirX.

He is far from a one-trick pony. His art was like method, madness, and organized chaos:Delhi.

He is a multi-disciplinary visual engineer from Delhi.

Buy his art or browse it from WazirX.

You can find him on instagram.

2.Siraj Hassan

His work is simply extraordinary.

The Series Of Series We Can’t Get The ‘Caged’ That Is awesome. He is a visual-artist, he makes 3D animation and sells it.

The design which was made, and which was inspired by nature. 

You can browse his art, or you can buy it on opensea.

You can follow him on Instagram.

3. Sneha Chakraborty

She was a wall-muralist. She made art which was borrowed from human beings or nature itself.

Talking about Sneha’s art, she is commendable.

She was a street artist. She has 30.5k followers on Instagram. You can follow her on twitter also.

She was the First Indian to exhibit AR+NFT paintings in a gallery.

She sells her art on WazirX.

4.Laya Matikshara

She was the NFT’s youngest artist.

She was a 14 years old artist from chennai, she loves to do art, love tech and she made her footsteps on NFT’s, that too at a young age. Some of her famous visual arts were such as generative jellyfish, generative parakeet and generative electric Eel etc.

You can browse her art and buy it from WazirX.

Also you can find her on instagram.

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5. Vignesh Sundaresan

He was an indian entrepreneur, he bought non-fungible tokens called beeple at $69.3 million in chaffer.

He was an Indian Entrepreneur, also known as Indian-born blockchain.

He was inspired by Late former president A.P.J Abdul kalam’s book ignited minds.

You can find him on Instagram.

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