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Mohammad Faiz a 17 Years Old Entrepreneur Founder & CEO Faiz Technical

Faiz Technical is a renowned Indian YouTube Personality, Entrepreneur, Author and Content Creator born in Azamgarh, India. The real name of Faiz Technical is Mohammad Faiz, he was born in Mubarakpur, Uttar Pradesh. His father’s name is Mohammad Shamim, who works in saree.

Faiz Technical is interested in Software Engineering, Technology, Digital Marketing and also takes a lot of interest. He studied up to 10th from Ehyaul Uloom Higher Secondary School in 2018, after that completed 12th in 2020, after that graduated “Software Engineering” degree from Shibili National College Azamgarh, he is also a software engineer who is Faiz. Active CEO and Founder of Faiz Technical Software Company.

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Mohammad Faiz (Faiz Technical) has two brothers, whose younger brother’s name is “Mohammad Zaid” and the youngest brother’s name is “Mohammad Yoosuf”.

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At the age of 17, he made his mark in YouTube as a Tech YouTuber “Faiz Technical” in Mubarakpur, where Mohammad Faiz used to make videos related to technology, but at that time Faiz Technical had no setup of his own. He used to upload videos with the help of his laptop, at that time he did not even have a phone of his own. Faiz Technical has really reached this point after losing a lot and hard work, today they have everything, made money and identity through YouTube, there were many difficulties in the middle but they did not give up, they said in one of their videos.

“Just keep following your dreams,
the last point of success is patience.”

Due to community guidelines, YouTube has also punished the Faiz Technical channel twice for a few days. He improved his videos after that, and today the subscribers of both his channels are more than 90,500, and at the same time he was also interested in music, due to which he can reach his audience on an international level through video and audio. But started releasing his music, Mohammad Faiz (Faiz Technical) told that his first music ( WFT-2.0 I’m Alone but On My Way ) wrote the lyrics on the passion and difficulties of his own life and after giving him a music role, after almost 1 year of hard work, International Released on Musicians platform and became very much heard and popular. After which he is known as a musician artist.
the Faiz Technical name mark person and today it is verified on most platforms.

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Career –
He is the CEO & Founder of Faiz Technical Company since last 2018.
And along with Mohammad Faiz (Faiz Technical) YouTube Personality, music video is starting his career and doing current activities in music industry. He is also known as an actor and music director.

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