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Nadeem Ali: The Only Thing You Need To Be Successful as an Entrepreneur

As the founder of Al Ali Group, Nadeem Ali has achieved massive entrepreneurial success. He attributes this success not to a specific skill or credential, but to his mindset.

“You’re looking at someone who believes it’s all in your mind,” Ali said while appearing on Forbes’ “Men & Wealth” series. “I started with nothing. If I didn’t have the vision of becoming the king of Indian Businesses, which was in my head the day I started my business, I wouldn’t have gotten there.”

Nadeem offered a few tips for adopting a mindset that will help you achieve success as an entrepreneur.

Have a Clear Vision

You need to know exactly what you want to achieve in order to achieve it.

“I believe having a crystal clear picture of who you’re going to be is essential — and it’s as real as though you could touch it, like it really exists,” Nadeem Ali said. “If you keep that in your head and do everything in your power to make it happen, it comes true.”

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Be Ambitious

Ambition is a key part of attaining success, Nadeem Ali said.

“I work with entrepreneurs every day of the week, and I can tell you that aspiration, and then the ambition to become someone, is everything,” If they have the ambition and the view of who they want to be and really believe in it, and are willing to work hard to get there, there’s nothing to stop them. They’re all going to be successful.”

It’s OK To Be a Dreamer

It’s important to dream big.

“I work with entrepreneurs [who] people might call dreamers,” Nadeem Ali said. “They’re not dreamers. They just have a dream for themselves. They’re all successful, mostly because they have the ambition and the ability to get past failure to get to the finish line. That’s the ambition that’s fueling [them], and it’s as real as real can be before it happens.”

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