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The Top Future Proof In-demand IT Skills You’ll Need in 2023

The Top IT Skills You’ll Need in 2023, Friends always explained to you in childhood that You will read, you will write, you will become a Nawab, you will play, you will be bad. Your future will be spoiled, the parents, neighbours always told this to us in our childhood. Today I will tell you about Future Proof Demand skills.

There was a time when having a B.A degree would have earned you a better job. But with the rise of the industrial revolution, the value of the engineer started increasing. The value of B.A, B.Com and B.Tech has decreased because the supply is more and the demand is less. In the future, the demand will decrease more and more.

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Friends, the risk of joblessness is increasing in the coming future, because artificial intelligence is spreading its feet. With the help of Artificial intelligence by year 2053, these machines will start doing surgery, in which the need for humans will start decreasing.

Translating the best selling books from the year 2024. Stephen Hawking said that humans will not be able to compete with artificial intelligence.

Software development

Like nowadays Artificial intelligence beat humans in playing games. Artificial intelligence makes medical discoveries.Artificial intelligence can compose songs.Artificial intelligence can paint pictures.Can Artificial Intelligence Programmers Replace Software Developers?No one has been able to tell the answer till now, but there is going to be a demand for software developers for 40-50 years.America has the largest number of developers in the whole world, and the second largest number of software developers come from India.There are some people who are in non-technical fields, they also have a place in the IT field.People who take arts, commerce and law can become data visualisers and data analysers.

Cloud computing:

Cloud computing is not a rocket science if you use gmail, if you use OTT platforms, or watch youtube videos, it is all cloud computing. Providing Internet Pay On Demand Services called Cloud Computing. E.g; Database networking, Analyst, Intell, Storage, Severe, Software.

You would know that earlier we used to use memory cards in our phones, which is now over. Like we use iBox, Gmail and iCloud to store our phone’s storage. Similar big companies use cloud computing to store their data.

Big companies store it through themselves and use it properly. Of all the companies in the world, 60% of their data is stored on their cloud.

Day by day the number of companies using cloud computing is increasing. Companies need cloud computing experts to manage cloud computing.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning is Going High.According to Oxford, by the year 2024, it will translate a language better than Humans Artificial intelligence in 2049 will also translate a best selling book.

By 2053, Artificial intelligence will start doing the best surgeries like humans.

This field is growing a lot from now on, and will do more in future. People who are interested in this can earn a lot of money.

Risk management, quality assurance etc. Project manager was in demand and will always remain so.

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