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Top 5 Powerful Women Entrepreneur in India

The top Women Entrepreneur in india, here are the top list of women entrepreneur. A woman has a very good character in giving a good future to a business, or in giving a good shape to the business.

It has been found from the new statistics levels that in the last few years, the focus on women’s entrepreneurship has increased. As you would know, a woman has to struggle a lot, with family, husband, and also from society.

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They have to work very hard for success. It is of a very brilliant mind, and their cooperation is very important for the national economy. Today I will name ten entrepreneurial women who are very influential. Women who have found their success by breaking all barriers.

The Best Women Entrepreneur in 2021 and 2022.

  1. Vandana Luthra – The founder of VLCC

She is a businesswoman, Chairperson, Best Female Entrepreneur, She has such services as Hair Body Laser, Full-Body Laser, Grooming Services and Dermat Services.

In April 2013, she received Padma Shri Award and President Pranab Mukherjee Award for her work. In 1989, she started her own company, Beauty and Slimming Services Center. She started an NGO called Khushi, which offers free scholarships for free education for those who are physically challenged and privileged.

  1. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw – The founder of Biocon limited company

She was India’s wealthiest self-made women entrepreneur, she founded a biopharmaceutical firm in 1978. India’s first company which was approved by USFDA according to Forbes. In 2019, she held the title of 54th richest women entrepreneur in India and 65th powerful women in the world. From Bangalore university and melbourne university, she graduated with both bachelors and masters respectively.

  1. Ritu kumar – The fashion designer

She began her fashion career from Kolkata, and became the best fashion designer. She was making bridal wear and clothes for the evening. After so many decades, she entered into international markets. In 2013, she operated her business in two big cities, France and New York.

  1. Indra Nooyi – The board member of Amazon

She was a former CEO of PepsiCo, who joined Amazon’s board director. She got the title of the world’s 11th powerful women as per forbes.

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  1. Falguni Nayar – The founder of Nykaa.

Been an investment banker of Kotak Mahindra for 20 years. She quit her job and turned to a new startup. In 2012, he started a startup named Nykaa. In 2017, she got the most powerful women title by Business today. The company became the partner of femina.

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