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Interesting features of Google You not know about it.

Google in its annual conference I/O 2021 announced  many interesting features related to Google Maps, Google Photos, Google Lens, Android and Google Search.These  new  features will not only enlarge the experience of users but also change the way of products currently being used.

These are 12 interesting features of Google products in 2021.

1.Cinematic moments from still shots on Google photos.

Google enlarging new features called cinematic moments that will add support  for computational photography to make animations from still images. Google says the algorithm will use “neural network to synthesize the movement between two nearly identical Photos and fill in the gaps with new frames”to create  Vivid , Moving images.

2. Screenshot on Google lens.

Sooner Google users  will have options to see any screenshots In Google photos and deliver search results of where to buy That item from.

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3.Build -in remote control with smart TV

This built-in remote control new features will Introduced on Android phones to work with more than 80 million Android Tv OS devices, including Google TV .With this  feature users will be able to navigate their android TVs with their Android phone.

4.Android Auto enabled car with An Android phone

These new  features enabled  Android auto enabled cars to be locked unlocked and started using a phone.

5.Automatic delete of 15 minutes browsing History

Google will add features that will automatically delete the last 15 minutes of search History.

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6.Lock your pictures folder

These upcoming features will lock your certain photos in a special folder with a password and Will not appear in Google photos. first it applies on a pixel phone and then roll out Android phone later.

7.Change Hacked or leaked password in Google Chrome

Google will alert users about hacked or leaked passwords and will show the option to change them. For changing  only you have to click on the change password button automatically shown by google Assistant. And it will be done with the app only.

8.Create and change password

If Chrome browser will find that the password has been compromised, you will see the “change password ” Button from the Assistant. Assistant will not only navigate the site but Actually go through entire process of changing password for you.

9.Google maps show safe route

At present Google Assistant shows the route that is fastest, now it will show the route that is “safe”.

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10.Google Maps highlights 

With these features Google will start highlighting the most relevant places for users. In the morning  Google will highlight snack corner coffee shops and at night it will highlight dinner places.

11.See details of the shop in your Google maps through live view.

Google maps will have AD support AR- based live view.

This helps customers to see live view locations of shops and restaurants, to see live photos and reviews through Google maps.

12.Get customized recommendations on Google Maps by time of day.

Maps highlight most episodic places for users and customers.

Google maps highlight the nearby coffee shops, restaurants and dinner spots.

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