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TOP 10 Startups should be obeyed by Entrepreneurs.

Startups should be obeyed by entrepreneurs – Whatever be it, whether it is studies, or parents should obey their orders. His commands have to be followed, his thoughts have to be followed. Such entrepreneurs should also follow those commands, which helps them to move forward, helps them to get success. There are some such commands by which you can become a great entrepreneur.

Let us know which are those 10 commands which are very important.

What are those commands for a new startups?

1. What to expect if there is no rejection: Expect Rejection

Don’t ever expect rejection, it will demotivate you. Never think it won’t happen to you. Rejections is a part of success it will help to understand form first principle thinking.

2. Always Prepared for both make and break plans 

Always be ready, both to build and to avoid spoilage, and prepared for both make and break plans in a business journey.

3.How to innovate, don’t tell your employees

Never tell your employees what you are going to do. Many times a startup is not possible if you get information about your new innovation to your employees.

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4. Always Decide

Always decide by yourself what to do, make a decision. The more you control your startup, the more you will benefit in business, and the more your chances of potential increase.

5. Raise money more and more

Raise more and more money than you think in life, in your business journey. Saving money is very important for entrepreneurship. Running out of money is a very bad situation for entrepreneurs.

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6. Cash rules

Keep a close watch on your financials, and follow the rules of cash, you should get an idea of how much loss is being done, how much profit. Always know about the next fundings that come out from where.

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